Suuup, I'm Rosie from the UK y'all. I like stuff and things. Mostly stuff. And thing.


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trying to get to sleep but i got distracted by youtube stuff and now im aggressively trying not to groove to the evil dead musical

how the fuck did this happen??

omg my god i am so gay, chubby and lonely


coming down with a cold and i feel like i need to sneeze and its lasted about 10 minutes omg pls stop

wow i am really not cut out for writing

really want some of those gooey cookies right now

and milk yas

legendarygunzerker replied to your post: no ones really talked to me in a while…

you and me both bro

we’re the protags in our own animes bruh, we’re as fabulous as you can get

no ones really talked to me in a while and that usually puts me down… but im fucking fabulous so i guess im okay with my own company

get shit to do but fuck it gon read fanfics


"who wears the pants in the relationship?"
no one. this is a strictly maid outfit only relationship.

got my rota through for next week and i literally have all the worst goddamn shifts in a row…. this is what i get for booking the weekend off for mcm


I may not have any special talents but I can recite every word Groot said in guardians of the galaxy

the more effort i put into something the worst it sounds…

so fuck it wips for all

RosieSings - Be our guest

i realise now i dont actually really know the words to this song so thank you lyric site… and i only know the rhythm because simpsons

this was requested by pyrazole, sorry i let you down dude