went shopping for packed lunch for the week like an adult and only spent a fiver… +3 adult points

…. i really need to find my debit card

Anonymous whispered: Does the idea of being tied down so you're completely immobile and then tortured with tickling sound good, bad, or a little hot?

wow its not even tuesday 

Main Ladies of Best Day Ever + rainbow

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No one will be alive by the last book. In fact, they all die in the fifth. The sixth book will be just a thousand-page description of snow blowing across the graves.
George R.R. Martin
[when asked if he was going to let any Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire characters live] (via let-them-eat-static)

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Thanks for the Crabapples Giuseppe - Adventure Time (HQ)

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not being at comic con like 

its funny how a month ago i would never get my legs out in public but now im like 

fuck yeah its shorts time!! but my legs a bit prickly? ehh fuck it its too hot to care about a bit of fuzz

walk walk fashion bby

xxknight-of-hopexx replied to your post “xxknight-of-hopexx replied to your post “its like even tho a lot of…”

Welsh seems like a pretty cool thing to learn :) It sounds nice!

not if you like vowels :3


I got that comic con, comic con sadness

RWBY - Red Like Roses (Lullaby) | Lumen Fortuna


Download link [here]

I actually can’t believe I finished this in less than a day (although I have been working on it almost non-stop since last night..), but I was dedicated to put something out before the premiere of volume 2! essu-rwby-desu pitched this idea at me and I got to work on it right after. I should show the other songs more love.. If this gets enough positive reception, I’ll do something with Mirror Mirror!

I’m always open to new ideas. If you pitch an idea to me, and if I like it, I’ll more than likely do it! :)

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That is pretty cool! I’m trying to see if I can remember any Mexican-American slang? I’m thinking the majority of it though would be spoken through Spanglish. Hmm…

whoa i never even thought about cross language slang… i mean here everywhere you go has different slang and dialect but overall, its all english and you kinda get it… i mean there’s welsh but most welsh people dont know welsh so



i have no fucking clue what a dog looks like

sue me

its like even tho a lot of the uks language has been Americanized, we still have a lot of dumb insults and slang that only we use like prat, pillock, wally, berk (although thats rhyming slang for cunt), bint, bugger, cobblers (my dad uses that a lot), git, eejit, naff… idk its cool that we get both american slang and our own dumb slang

xxknight-of-hopexx replied to your post “i get really confused because twat seems a lot more offensive in the…”

That is really interesting. Hmm… It’s actually kinda cool to see/hear which words mean what in different places in the world. It’s also a great reference to remember what not to say to somebody that comes from an entirely different place.

yeah i think the connotations linked to it are a bit different, calling someone a twat is like calling someone a dick… the word is synonymous to the c word, but is used in place of proper swears?

also the pronunciation is different… in the UK its pronounced twAT while in the US it seems to be twART … which is usually the other way round, in that us brits have harsh Rs, the US seems to have harsher A sounds…

sorry i think about swear words a lot